My Method

Daily Contact

I review and follow up on each work out to make sure your motivated, healthy, and progressing.


You let me know your schedule, travel days, when you can’t run, any pain and I adapt your schedule for you.

Interactive Schedule

I deliver your plan interactively, so I can track your progress, and communicate in one place.


I help take all the guess work out so you can just focus on the running.

  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Step 1: I learn your goals, through a one-on-one phone call. Based on your history, fitness level, and goals, I build your plan.
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Step 2: I look at the big picture, first with overall mileage build up.
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Step 3: I break your schedule in sections to focus on improving your strengths and weaknesses.
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Step 4: As needed I add in plyometrics, core work, weight training, and cross training.
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Step 5: You let me know your races and I help you peak your performance for race day.
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Step 6: No way around it, you do the work!


Each running phillosophy is like having a tool in the tool chest. I use different tools depending on your needs.

Here are some tools that I use:

  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Proper mileage build up
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.High mileage or low mileage training
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Peak performance tuning
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Cross training
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Plyometrics
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Injury prevention
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Rehabilitation
  • ListItemCreated with Sketch.Race nutrition
Better than reading a book and following a plan.